Anchor and Crossbreeding!

“In the land of Cézanne, where a tribute to the painter is being planned for 2025 around a cultural trail, the Vivre Côté Sud trade show is crossing two words that set the tempo for its theme. A new page to be written together in the alleys of Aix-en-Provence’s Parc Jourdan, a new carte blanche. Anchor and crossbreeding, like warp and weft threads, like a cultural braid. The theme offers a double entry through the same door. Welded together, paired, these two words complement each other as they combine. Anchor like the idea of beginning, referring as much to origins and roots as to a land, a culture and a language that bind us together. Anchor as in the memory of craftsmen’s gestures, repeated ad infinitum to perpetuate and transmit know-how. A word that suggests balance and stability. A vertical word that we have chosen to combine with another. This other is open, horizontal, transversal. A crossbreeding for its plurality and diversity, for the cultural and artistic currents that run through it. Métissage as a crossroads of multiple influences that enrich each other and formulate new expressions. Like flavors and colors that take on depth and intensity as they come together. Meetings, exchanges and gentle blends are on the agenda for this new edition of the Vivre Côté Sud fair. There are a thousand and one ways to tame these two words. Each exhibitor will have his own translation, and each visitor will choose his own illustration.
We wish you all a wonderful fair!”

Martine Duteil, editor-in-chief of Maison Côté Sud








Once again this year, culinary demonstrations will be orchestrated and hosted by Anne Garabedian, editor-in-chief of Le Cœur des Chefs. For this latest edition of Vivre Côté Sud, she will be inviting local chefs to share their culinary expertise with passion.

For an unforgettable culinary experience, come along to these demonstrations hosted by renowned chefs, and discover the pleasures of regional gastronomy!

Program to come…



Meet UFDI’s dynamic team of architects and interior designers.
Come and ask them your questions about your future renovation and decoration project.
Together, you’ll assess your needs, and they’ll share their expertise with you.

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Friday evening will be the occasion for a festive evening in a warm atmosphere with the colours and flavours of the South. The opportunity for all to enjoy a beautiful summer evening, with entertainment and the possibility of dining on site. A great way to get in tune with the summer season, while discovering the fair at dusk and at night. Entrance fee of 12€ from 6pm. Evening open to all.


    • DÉCORS

      Decorators, fabrics, materials, furniture, lighting, household linen, tableware.


      Artists, craftsmen, stylists, scents, cosmetics, decorative objects, accessories.


      Artists, designers and creators presenting unique decorative pieces.


      Floor and wall coverings, renewable energies, home automation, doors, windows, fireplaces, swimming pools, spas, verandas, blinds.


      Landscapers, nurserymen, garden sheds, furniture, pottery, accessories, tools.


      Objects from around the world, clothing, household linen, furniture, accessories, finds, furniture and objects from the past.


      Wines, oils, delicatessen, condiments, confectionery, pastries, products to taste on the spot, kitchen utensils.