Nathalie Collados

“A self-taught visual artist returning from more than six years abroad, I decided to retrain professionally. More than objects, sites or images, I keep from my travels encounters, exchanges and passions. It’s in the expression of popular traditions that I naturally perceive the sensitivity of each ethnic group and culture that crosses my path. It’s in working with local craftsmen that I express what’s unique to me.” Nathalie Collados

Products on show

  • “The creative process is a long road, an unreasoning need to express oneself, an irrepressible urge to plunge into one’s inner world and share feelings, sensations, sensations… to reveal oneself, to bare oneself, to put oneself in danger and give oneself, to open up to others and see them marvel at our work.I’m not one of those artists who revels in suffering, who denounces some kind of evil. I like to lose myself in the contemplation of what seems beautiful to me, I like the sensitivity of a cultural or ethnic expression, I like to meditate in front of a work and commune with it.In my studio, in the center of Toulouse, I create unique, spontaneous and raw pieces, the better to let refined decorations flow, inspired by aquatic universes, fairy-tale worlds, travels and a fertile imagination to highlight strong contrasts.I work in white earthenware paste. I watch my pieces and wait for them to mature before defining my designs. After a first firing in an electric kiln, and a temperature rise to 990°C, I dip them in glaze and fire them for a second firing at 980°C, or patinate them with tinted waxes.I enjoy working on small everyday objects on the lathe because I rediscover the beauty of the gesture, the mastery of a skill and the cultural traditions that are dear to me. The wheel is fascinating.

    We work with clay because it takes us back to our origins. It unquestionably demands technical knowledge, but at the same time, we appreciate letting go, simplicity and the possibility of an empirical approach.

    It is undoubtedly in this last quality that I recognize myself best. My work is the result of years of artistic practice and the chance discovery of ceramics, the expression of graphic mastery, the sensuality of color and the spontaneity of the material.” Nathalie Collados

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Adress: 98 Rue Michel Ange – 31200 Toulouse

Phone: +33 7 81 37 18 43

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