Soleil Chéri

“A self-taught visual artist returning from more than six years abroad, I decided to retrain professionally. More than objects, sites or images, I keep from my travels encounters, exchanges and passions. It’s in the expression of popular traditions that I naturally perceive the sensitivity of each ethnic group and culture that crosses my path. It’s in working with local craftsmen that I express what’s unique to me.” Nathalie Collados

Products on show

  • Aurore face cream, SPF 50, tinted and enriched with hyaluronic acid salt, is more than a protection, it’s a sun care product that reveals light. Zenith oil, body and hair SPF 30 and care, with biodegradable glitter. Last but not least, l’Été indien sun care for the body, to make your skin sublime and smooth on a summer’s night.

Contact details

Adress: 85 avenue Georges Frêche – 34170 Castelnau-le-Lez

Phone: +33 6 72 41 41 72


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