Like an impulse of the heart, this word radiates a solar culture, which is illustrated as much by conviviality as by the spirit of sharing. From shores to landscapes, the contours of the Big Blue reveal inspirations as rich as they are unique. This theme has always been the backdrop for Côté Sud. It will be the keynote of the 2023 edition of the show. And this, through the prism of objects from multiple horizons, through the diversity of its cuisine, its art of living, a palette stretching from sunny yellow to Cyclades blue, but also perfumes, jewellery, clothing, know-how and talents from the Mediterranean basin. The idea is to make this theme a source of inspiration, which will set the tone and spirit of this new session. Like an odyssey to be lived together, we invite you to a stopover in the colour “Mediterranean”.









Orchestrated by stylist Aurélie des Robert, a regular contributor to the magazine, the Côté Sud scenography will feature an ascent up a symbolic staircase. Between sky and sea, between dazzling white and intense blue, between myths and legends, between traditions and heritage, all inspirations lead to manifest objects. Behind a façade and staircase inspired by the Bunker des Calanques (anchored in Marseille’s Parc National des Calanques), a patio will host a table featuring a selection of objects, ceramic vases and a series of Sicilian Moorish heads. The installation will feature works by C&Co Aménagement Intérieur, Marius Aurenti, Atelier Buffile, Atelier Carlès & Demarquet, Maison Bonjour, Fragonard, Rose des Sables, Caroline Perrin, Agata Treasures pour Meillart, Léa Ginac, Léontine Furcy, Maxime Siau… The alcove will be a place for exchanges, meetings and discoveries.



La Redoute For Business and AM.PM are pleased to invite you to a Mediterranean-themed nature escape. Architects, hoteliers, restaurateurs, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs and private individuals are invited to discover solar ambiances: join the energy of our teams at the Vivre Côté Sud trade show in Aix en Provence from June 2 to 5, 2023.

AMPM’s spring-summer 2023 collection renews the art of the home, both indoors and out. If architecture and the wonder of landscapes are always sources of emotion, it’s in the heart of materials that the fundamental lines of this new collection take shape. Materials inspire the evolution of our timeless furniture as much as they stimulate the creative audacity of new, resolutely contemporary lines. Welcome to the real, sensual and physical world of summer 2023.

Visit La Redoute For Business

Visit la page AM.PM




Cinna combines design, comfort and expertise to bring outdoor furniture, lighting and accessories to life. Whether exclusive creations or variations on iconic models, the collection is enriched to meet every need, on terraces and balconies, under verandas, beside a swimming pool or in the middle of a field… The French furniture manufacturer lets its creativity shine through.






This is a decorating house offering a very fashionable selection of indoor and outdoor furniture from the finest design brands.
This year’s scenography highlights the new SIFAS collections.
Designed by Milanese design studio OTTO, the collections are resolutely fashionable and in keeping with the spirit of MILANO Design.

The colors of the fabrics, the personalization, the research into materials and the design plunge you into the very chic world of the Riviera.






With “HÉLIOS”, immerse yourself in the 3 flagship collections of Marseille-based designer Mickaël Koska.

A free thinker, inhabited by the reliefs of the Mediterranean territories, their little-known resources and the pure lines that emerge from them. This surprising nature inspires him to design generous, playful shapes, creating singular collections.
He draws inspiration from his region and reinterprets his surroundings to create atypical pieces.
Iconic, his aesthetic and contemporary works personalize and energize spaces. The search for new shapes and materials is her primary motivation. The artist-designer is also keen to pass on and promote Provençal craftsmanship and know-how, working mainly with local workshops.







Visually inspired by its iconic predecessor, the Combi, the new ID. Buzz Cargo is Volkswagen’s first 100% electric commercial vehicle. High-performance and durable, its intelligent features, maximum space experience and innovative lighting design are all to be discovered at Vivre Côté Sud.






Culinary demonstrations

“The Mediterranean in our hearts, in our baskets, on our plates”.

The theme of this year’s event is as clear and refreshing as the azure waters of the Mediterranean. But it’s also as warm as a grocery store on Marseille’s Rue d’Aubagne, like a citrus fruit from Morocco, like pistachios from Provence.
The Mediterranean is sea and land. It’s fish and olive oil, thyme and cinnamon, honey and orange blossom. It’s this blend that makes us so rich.
Wherever you are, in this cuisine of sunshine and sharing, you’ll feel right at home.

On the program:

For this new edition of the culinary demos at the Salon Côté Sud, I’ve gone in search of those who bear witness to this strong attachment to the Mediterranean and its products, who have a strong history with their territory. And we always forge links between them.
Mathias Dandine will introduce us to the chefs behind his two Provencal institutions, Alexandre Léard at La Magdeleine (Gémenos) and Guillaume Lemelle at La Bastide Bourrelly (Cabries). Teaming up with olive grower and winemaker Jean-François Margier (Domaine de la Michelle), he’ll explain why olive oil is the key ingredient in the Provencal cuisine he champions. We’ll learn how to taste green, ripe and black fruity wines, just like at the Concours Général Agricole!
Focus on citrus fruits with chef Eric Maillet, from the Cédrat restaurant in Marseille, in dialogue with l’Agrumiste, who will introduce us to different varieties grown in his orchards in Morocco. Christopher Hache (Maison Hache), who is opening a second home in Eygalières, will bring us his Camargue shellfish fisherman.
We’ll be hosting a summit meeting between pastry chef Sylvain Depuichaffray, one of Marseille’s finest, and pistachio growers Maxence Brenguier (Les Pépinières du soleil in Venasque) and Jean-Louis Joseph (Domaine Chante Coucou in La Bastidonne), and we’ll be witnessing the marriage of Ideal products with the spontaneous, natural cuisine of Julia Sammut, who pays tribute to all the colors and flavors of Mediterranean countries.
Nicolas Hensinger (Le Petit Nice chez Gérald Passédat) will tell us how the fish go through the window to land on his pass, and introduce us to Julie André, market gardener at the “Faiseuse de racines” farm in Gignac-la-Nerthe.
Camille Gandolfo (Les Bords de Mer) will tell us what goes through her mind when boats return to port, and Ludovic Turac will recount his travel memories in his menu Passeport à Une Table au Sud.
Finally, on Sunday evening, we’ll be putting together a merry Marseillaise brigade with Lionel Lévy and Carla Wiza, Intercontinental Hôtel Dieu, Coline Faulquier, Restaurant Signature, Matthieu Roche, Ouréa, Laetitia Visse, La Femme du Boucher, and Edgar Bosquez, Ekume.
Shall we take you away?
Anne Garabedian, editor-in-chief of the gastronomic magazine “Le Cœur des Chefs”.


Each day, the chefs will cook on the stand equipped by Morcrette with Lacanche and Open’Cook equipment.



Friday June 2 :

  • 11h30 : Les Pistaches : Sylvain Depuichaffray, pâtisserie Depuichaffray à Marseille, et les producteurs de pistaches : Maxence Brenguier, Pépinières du Soleil, et Jean-Louis Joseph, Domaine Chante Coucou à la Bastidonne.
  • 15h30 : L’huile d’olive de Provence avec Mathias Dandine et l’oléiculteur Jean-François Margier, Domaine de la Michelle à Auriol.
  • 17h30 : Masterclass « Huile d’olive » : Dégustations commentées d’huiles d’olive médaillées au Concours Général Agricole avec Laurent Bélorgey, oléiculteur au Domaine la Lieutenante à Saint Martin de Crau et Président de France Olive et Alexandra Paris de France Olive.

Saturday June 3 :

  • 11:30 am: Citrus fruits: Éric Maillet, Cédrat restaurant in Marseille, and “L’Agrumiste”, citrus fruit producer.
  • 3:30pm: Camargue oysters: Christopher Hache, Maison Hache and the Bastide d’Eygalières and Camargue Coquillages oysters, Port Saint Louis du Rhône.
  • 5:30pm: Nicolas Hensinger, Le Petit Nice Marseille and Julie André, market gardener at Ferme Faiseuse de racines in Gignac-la-Nerthe.


Sunday June 5 :

  • 11:30am: Ludovic Turac, Une Table au Sud in Marseille. “Passport to the Mediterranean, travel memories”.
  • 3:30 pm: Camille Gandolfo, Les bords de Mer in Marseille: “Boats return from the open sea and bring back treasures in their hold…”.
  • 5:30pm: “Brigade marseillaise”: Lionel Lévy, and Carla Wiza, Intercontinental Hôtel Dieu, Coline Faulquier, Restaurant Signature , Mathieu Roche, Ouréa, Laetitia Visse, La Femme du Boucher, Edgar Bosquez, Ekume…

Monday June 6 :


  • 11:30am: Julia Sammut, Épicerie L’Idéal, Marseille: “Il prodotto buono, from Filicudi to Marseille, from Tunis to Florence, long live the good produce of the Mediterranean”.
  • 3:30pm: Mathias Dandine, La Magdeleine in Gémenos and La Bastide Bourrelly in Cabriès, with Alexandre Léard and Guillaume Lemelle.





Medal-winning producers from the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region at the Concours Général Agricole 2023 showcase Mediterranean excellence.
For the 5th year running, the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Regional Chamber of Agriculture is renewing its partnership with the “Vivre Côté Sud” trade show, with the aim of promoting products that have won medals at the Concours Général Agricole 2023, in particular through culinary demonstrations and a sales area dedicated to the medal winners.
The excellence of regional agriculture, emblematic of our beautiful Mediterranean, can be found at the Vivre Côté Sud trade show, with producers and products winning Bronze, Silver and Gold medals at the Concours Général 2023 on display every day.
This operation, supported by the Région Sud, aims to raise awareness among the general public, the press and Michelin-starred chefs of the value of products awarded by the Concours Général Agricole.

Discover the products and meet the medal-winning producers at the CGA 2023 on :
– The Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture stand; the medal-winning wine sales stand on Friday June 02, during the official opening evening;
– Culinary demonstrations, orchestrated by Anne Garabedian, culinary journalist and editor of the gastronomic magazine “Le cœur des chefs”.
– The presentation of the Concours Général Agricole olive oil medals to local producers at the show’s inauguration on Friday June 2 at 6:00 pm.




Benefit from the advice of architects and interior designers from the UFDI (Union Francophone des Décorateurs d’Intérieur).
The team is at your disposal to help you with your decoration or renovation projects.

Individualized sessions of 1 hour at 120€, by appointment, are proposed to you on the show (by bringing plans, photos or videos of your future project the session will be all the more effective). You will be able to leave with a personalized recommendation or answers to your questions.

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment on 0645664103 or by email: contact@escaleinterieur.com

La Paillote – UFDI Decorating Advice (Stand number to be announced) from 10am to 6pm.


esaaix sur le salon !


Come and discover the work of three young artists from the École supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence Félix Ciccolini. Established in Aix-en-Provence since 1765, this institution of higher learning specializes in art education and research.

Discover the work of three of their students:
– Marlène Carayon, who proposes immersions and physical crossings of her works;
– Chloé Poey Lafrance, who evokes moments of observation and contemplation from her memory;
– Anaïs Loussouarn, exhibited at several festivals and exhibitions, who questions our dependence on digital technology and its impact.



Photo credits: Anaïs Lossouarn / Hubert Le Provost.



This year, the “Mediterranean” theme will be at the heart of the discussions. Building on their success, these conferences are led by leading names and players in the decorating world, always on the lookout for new inspirations and trends. Indeed, in previous years, architects such as Jean-Philippe Nuel, designers such as Christian Ghion and Serge Bensimon have come to talk about the South and how they have approached it in their projects. The names of the speakers will be announced shortly.


Program: (Every day at 5:00 p.m.)

Friday June 2:

The Mediterranean: land and sea of inspiration.

With :
Caroline Pelleti, Le Bunker des Calanques and l’Annexe, places of exchange open to the Mediterranean.
Marie de Buttet, painter
Marie-Hélène Balivet, Côté Sud journalist
Martine Duteil, Côté Sud editor-in-chief

Workshop: Marie de Buttet, hanging and collage.


Saturday June 3:

The Mediterranean: land of design, art and crafts.

With :
François Basilien, RBC Mobilier
Julie Pailhas, Objets Inanimés
Romain Chartrain, Azul
Vérane Frédiani, journalist and author of the book “Marseille cuisine le monde”.

Workshops :
Marius Aurenti, decor through matter
Invincible été and the cyanotype technique
Book signing of “Marseille cuisine le monde” by Vérane Frédiani



Photo: Fresco by Marie de Buttet, created during the show



Every day at 2:30 p.m., the Invincible Été team will be offering visitors 15-minute workshops to discover the cyanotype technique. Participants will be able to create their own cyanotype by choosing the plants and their composition on the sheet, then proceeding to the exposure and rinsing stages. (Stand D35).


Friday evening will be the occasion for a festive evening in a warm atmosphere with the colours and flavours of the South. The opportunity for all to enjoy a beautiful summer evening, with entertainment and the possibility of dining on site. A great way to get in tune with the summer season, while discovering the fair at dusk and at night. Entrance fee of 10€ from 6pm. Evening open to all.


    • DÉCORS

      Decorators, fabrics, materials, furniture, lighting, household linen, tableware.


      Artists, craftsmen, stylists, scents, cosmetics, decorative objects, accessories.


      Artists, designers and creators presenting unique decorative pieces.


      Floor and wall coverings, renewable energies, home automation, doors, windows, fireplaces, swimming pools, spas, verandas, blinds.


      Landscapers, nurserymen, garden sheds, furniture, pottery, accessories, tools.


      Objects from around the world, clothing, household linen, furniture, accessories, finds, furniture and objects from the past.


      Wines, oils, delicatessen, condiments, confectionery, pastries, products to taste on the spot, kitchen utensils.